Not on Inventory Error


How to solve this issue.This is very urgent.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic

Item 1R01SR008000L is not on inventory.


Please reply



Please dont use Urgent kind of words in forum.

What are you trying to do and when are getting this error message?

Sorry,will avoid this kind of words in future.

The error message is showing while we are trying to receive a n item via transfer order.

I am not 100% sure that it is a standard error message or not.

Have you done any customization for stopping the negative inventory?

No,We don’t made any customization.It is a standard one

Did you ship the Transfer Order ?

Yes,I think this is due to the difference coming in the sum of Quantity and Remaining Qty in Item Ledger Entry.

How can we make this tally.

First of all check whether Inventory is available on the shipping location in Item ledger entry .

How Sum of Quantity and remaining Qty will be same ?