Hello To All,

When I try to transfer a item form one location to another, I received this error message “Item not on inventory”.

But the item is in inventory and quantity is on that location…Pls. what could be the problem.



Are you using warehouse, and if yes, have a look at your bin contents.

Or serialised/lotted.

If it is simply a gross requirement question you get a warning, so it is either not in the location, not in the bin, or the serial/lot entered is not in the bin/location.

Thanks for all the response,

I am using verision 2.6

Like I mentioned, I have qty in that location I am moving it from but still have the error message.


That error message might also occur if the sum of “Remaining Quantity” on Item Ledger Entry table is lesser than the required quantity. Remaining Quantity sum isn’t supposed to be any different by Inventory, nevetheless sometimes it is and that is a real pain in the… back! [:)]

I have check the total of remaining qty for that item and it is more than the qty I want to transfer.



Can you turn on debugger and find where it is failing?

Is it consistent? If you go to an item journal and do a negative transaction on the item/location combination do you get the same message? If not has the transfer order been modified as there is clearly a difference in processing here.