NODBC multiple connections

I have a fdb database and i must to connect via NODBC with msaccess application, but if nodbc connection is open I can’t connect with nav client (already in use error) and viceversa.

Someone know a pobbile solution or nodbc on fdb don’t permit multiple connections??

Thanks to all.

Run the database (fdb) under the Navision Database Server and make all client connections via the service. The NODBC conneciton should be just another user.

How can I run a fdb database under nav db server? Do you means under sql server? I don’t have sql but proprietary nav db. What means run clients via the service? Thanks.

I am referring to the Navision Database Server (located on the product CD). The instructions can be found in the PDF “w1w1ism.pdf”. Also located on the product CD.

Thanks, I’ll try