how to connect Nav database to access

Hi All,

i am very new to this, and all i want to know is how can i connect my access to NAV database to run reports and extract data.

please if someone has done it and can help me that will be really appreciated.

Thank you again

Ammar Tahir

HI Ammar and welcome to forum,

Depends on what DB - Native or SQL? For Native special NODBC drivers exist on install DVD, how to connect to SQL - there are many options.

P.S. Although you wrote you want to “run reports and extract data”, I still need to warn you just in case - NEVER manipulate Navision data directly, you can SELECT, but never INSERT / UPDATE / DELETE…

Import data from ODBC database. Choose the tables you need, import your data and make your queries.

Another option is to just create a link to the tables you need. But be careful not to change anything in these tables, because the changes will be transferred to the real NAV base.

Why you want to use Access for reports? What kind of report do you need?

thank you for your replies, its native i think, as all i have is fdb file in folder n its nav 5.0 sp1, i use csideclient to connect to it.

all i want is reporting to link to nav db through access so how should i do it

HI All

thank you for you replies, all i want is to connect my access to the FDB file on the remote location and run few analysis, so how can i connect/link the tables please.

Once again thank you for quick reply

Hi Ammar,

As Mordis has indicated - install the ODBC driver that comes with NAV and use this to access the data

Hi All, I am very new with this NAV.

I need to be able to connect to Navision database from other party, even if I might need to be able to open in sql server itself.

Is there any chance that I could do all that?

You can make linked server with access then write your select or view then define table in dynamic nav as colmuns found in access tables