No Execute permission

Hi there

I got error 'No execute permission on ‘sssss’ page with ID ‘xxxx’. when I run a page between 50100 and 99999 from object designer. I can run the pages from 50000 to 50099 without issue. we have the license from 50000 to 99999 and I have permission to execute these object. I did not know what’s issue



Are you an end-user or a “Solution Center”? I find it very odd that an end-user would pay to license 50,000 (as in the number of them) objects. Would not seem like money well spent.

I would start by verifying your license. Does it conform to what you are expecting? If you are an end-user, then the 50000 to 50099 makes more sense to me. If you are an NSC, then I’d suggest having the license fixed.

Yes, We are end user. I got this message even I use the dev license

Not sure what you mean by a “Dev license”. There is no such thing. Only Partner Licenses or customer licenses with development granules. If you are referring to a customer license with the development granules, it would still be restricted to whatever object range the license covers.