Permission error running objects from Obj Designer

I’ve just supplied some new objects (1 table, 1 form and 1 codeunit) to a client to run against their test database. For simplicity, I intended to just get them to run the form from Object Designer. However, despite their user have SUPER and SUPER(DATA) permissions, they receive a permissions error when they try to run the form or table. Would this have anything to do with their License? I didn’t know if one of the Granule ID’s is required to run objects from Object Designer. I’ve asked for a copy of their license so I can try it at my office but am still waiting for it to come through so thought I’d see if anyone had ideas in the meantime. Thanks

The most likely answer is that the objects are outside of your customers number range. For new custom objects your user needs to have had these objects included in their license. eg. if they bought 10 tables they will most likely only be able to use tables 50000 - 50009. If you created 50010 they would get an error that they do not have permission to run\write\read etc. to the object. Hope I have been clear enough for you…

Hi Steven, Thanks for the swift reply. This may well be the problem. I’d deliberately numbered the objects to be away from existing development, but had forgotten this issue. How can I find out what bespoke objects they have included in their license? I expected to see some sort of entry on the license screen but can spot nothing obvious. Thanks again

Hi Gary, Provided the customer’s licence has form or report designer, you can build one of these on the “Permission Range” table (2000000044). You do not have to even know a number to save it under, just run it from the design wizard (CTRL + R). This will give you a list of their permission ranges. Filter on the object types and ranges you are interested in (50000…99999), and look for those they have “Insert Permission” for. Hope this is of help.

Superb. Thank you very much