Super user cannot access Object

We are using NAV 5.01 and there are number objects that cannot be accessed under our Developer License. All of them report an error such as "You do not have permission to read the ‘[table name]’ Table.’ or "You do not have permission to read the ‘[form name]’ Form’. I have checked that my Windows Logon is listed in the Security form and has the Super Role (and that the Super Role has ‘YES’ for the Read, Insert, Modify, Delete, and Run permissions and that the Security Filter is blank). I have also checked the database permission for the tables (we are using SQL Server 2005). I have Synchronized All Login’s twice.

I have looked everywhere I can think of to figure out why I cannot access these Objects. What else should I check?

Hi David,

How old is your development licence ?

  • it may not have the correct versions / object ranges.

Take a backup and restore into native database and see if you still have the problem to eliminate SQL as a potential.

A couple of things to add:

This database is a copy of our test environment and I can run the table there, but the license there is run-time only.

I will try what you suggest and let you know what it does.

Hi David,

This would add more weight to the theory that there is a problem with the development licence.

Or the developer’s license does not have rights to those objects. Not all developer’s licenses have access to all objects. What are the object numbers? If they are part of an addon it’s possible the developer license does not have access.

I have restored the ‘original’ database into a Navision Database Client and I cannot access the object. The one I use for testing whether I can access it or not is a form with the ID of 55000, which should be within our range. I can access all forms from 1 to 50200 (no they are not continuious from 50000 to 50200) and access other forms in the 5100000+ range.

I thought the Developers License allowed access to objects in the 50000 to 99000 range as long as you did not exceed the number of objects in the license.

Yes the developer license should cover that range. Actuallly 50000 to 99999

Create a report or form using the “License Permission” table. This will let you verify the object permissions of your license.

Well that appears to be it. In the license table our permissions don’t go that high. I guess we will have to take this up with the people who sold us the license.


Sold you the license? Are you a partner or a customer? Only partner licenses cover the 50000 to 99999 range. Customer licenses only cover the range purchased by the customer.

I use to work for a partner, but now work for a customer. I was told the license we had covered ‘anything’ the consulting firm would do. Guess not.

It would appear that the “consulting firm” did not pay attention to your permitted object range when they did the work.

Hi David,

I think the problem arises from the fact that your firm bought a license to cover the object ranges of the production licence at the time and had since bought new object ranges for the production licence. You will have to buy the same licence ranges for the development licence.

There is no way they could have sld soemthing like that, so either they did not know or maybe they have a slightly different definition of the word “Anything”.