no execute permission on codeunit


I need some help with the following problem:

I made a codeunit with ID 50002. It works perfectly when I use the developer licence.

But when I use the customer licence I get the following message: “No execute permission on ‘Job Create-Quote’ CodeUnit with ID 50002.”

In the customer licence I have 100 of this: 8600 Codeunits (100). In spite of this it doesn’t work.

Can anyone help what should the licence contain to exxecute the codeunit?

Thanks in advance,


You have license for 100 codeunits but check with partner that whether they have assigned object series or not.

We are the developer partner.

Sorry, but I don’t know what you mean by assigning object series. :frowning:

If you pick the .txt file generated contextually with the latest version of your license, you’ll see the following section, with the number of objects purchased (for which the fee has been payed) and assigned (for which an ID range has been chosen):

Custom Area Objects

Purchased TableData…: xxx

Purchased Report…: xxx

Purchased Codeunit…: xxx

Purchased Page…: xxx

Purchased XMLPort…: xxx

Assigned TableData…: xxx

Assigned Report…: xxx

Assigned Codeunit…: xxx

Assigned Page…: xxx

Assigned XMLPort…: xxx

And after the list of ID chosen for every object type:

Object Assignment

Object Type Quantity Range From Range To Permission

TableData 6 50000 50005 RIMDX

TableData 2 50012 50013 RIMDX

Report 1 50150 50150 RIMDX

Report 7 59100 59106 RIMDX

Codeunit 19 50100 50118 RIMDX

Page 3 50000 50002 RIMDX

Page 2 50028 50029 RIMDX

In this way you can check if the ID you pick for the codeunit is allowed by customer license.


I think the code-unit object ID isn’t included in client license.

You can check this by creating new FORM using License permission table for client license and check the permissions(RMIDx).

This should help. :slight_smile: