Newbie question

Hi, I installed Navsion Attain 3.6 demo version with Navision Database server. I’m creating new database… Ok. Opening Object Designer… Ok. Creating new table… Ok. Opps??? When I’m trying to save a table, I get message,which sounds like that: “You are not allowed to create objects. Please ask for a system administrator”? Where is the problem? Thanks for help, Virgo

Hi You are only allowed to create objects in set ranges, 50,000 - 90,000 (?). I am unsure if the demo license will allow you to create tables - I think you can only alter teh customer table, form etc with teh demo license.

With the Demo-Licence you cannot create Objects! Greetings, Frank

Hi Can anyone tell me te point of running a report in a modal fashion during a transcation (and maybe how that is done…)

OBJECT.RUNMODAL means complete that obect run before anything else happens. You can run a report from another object by REPORT.RUN() or REPORT.RUNMODAL().

Yes , I know what RUNMODAL does. But there was this question somewhere about running a report modal during a transaction (and what must be done with the report to accomplish that).

Create a variable and then … ReportVariable.RUNMODAL

Presuming that the report is a critical part of the whole transaction then RUNMODAL ensures that the sub-transaction has completed before the next sub-part is started. Without further direct information its difficult to comment on why and how.

Dragos, “A process is what takes place in Navision from the time the user relinquishes control of a form until the time a form gives control back to the user.” “A transaction describes the period of time that at least one table is locked during a process.” [From the 3.01 Programming Manual] So if you want to run a report without ending the current process and transaction, the report and the request form must not be displayed. You can do this if ProcessingOnly = Yes, and the sort order for the data items is specified in the Report Designer (DataItemTableView). Alastair

Thank you a lot , Alastair. Makes a lot of sense now.

Alastair - i see you refer tot he 3.01 Programming manual. i just rewrote my Programming exam and fail again(66%). Is there a 3.6 or 3.7 Programming manual? I also have found that in the 3.01 manual there is a question in 5.4 Chapter Review that goes: 2 What can you not do with a data item in a dataport that you could do with a data item in a report? Indent data items. Now i know that you CAN Indent Data Items in dataports. How do i know that that some of the stuff in there is incorrect…

You can indent data items in a dataport only for exporting as XML. All other tries to indnt data items will fail.