problem while creating tables

I am a beginner and my company got the license for NAV 5.0 . I Installed NAV and even replace the License file. I created the user giving super user role , using both C/side client and SQL Server opiton. But still then I cann’t Create a New Object or Design a Object. When ever I click the New or Design a object button I get the error 'You don’t have the permission to run the ‘Design,Table,Basic ’ System. Contact the system manager if you need to have your permission changed’ Can anybody give me solution to this… Waiting for reply Thanks in advance…


a very similar question was answered a few hours ago. What kind of license do you have?

In order to create new object you need at least some of these granules:

7,110 Report & Dataport Designer
7,120 Form Designer
7,130 Table Designer
7,140 XML Designer
7,200 Application Builder
7,300 Solution Developer
7,400 Custom Area Objects

Check your license in the License Information window

Hello Anna,

Thank you so much for your information. I am also having the similar kind of issue. Your post is very helpfull.

Appreciated :slight_smile: