Newbie question

Hi, I installed Navsion Attain 3.6 demo version with Navision Database server. I’m creating new database… Ok. Opening Object Designer… Ok. Creating new table… Ok. Opps??? When I’m trying to save a table, I get message (in my country language),which sounds like that: “You are not allowed to create objects. Please ask for a system administrator”? Same things are hapenning, when I’m trying to create and then save forms, reports and so on. Where is the problem? Thanks for help, Virgo

Hi, What the Table ID you are giving. It should be in between 50000 to 99999. The same rule apply to Filed ID when you modify the existing table.

It would be better if you read the manual before.[;)] Regards Alberto

Hi Virgo, Using “Demo Licence” you cannot create or modify any of the Navision Objects … You need to have a “Developer Licence” to do the modifications in Navision Database … [:D] Best Regards, Srinivas Shetty

There is generally one form, table, report allowed to be modified with the demo license. Exact numbers should be somewhere in the instructions on the demo CD. As for permissions for modifications in general, you want to make sure you have a solid discussion with your reseller before buying. There are “designer” granules which in total cost about as much as a “developer” license. One major difference, the “designers” do NOT let you access code in forms or tables but “developer” license does. In other words, if you’re going to do modifications yourself, get the developers license…just make sure you’re well trained, you can do a lot of damage with it. [:D]