Navision Sales Order entry in a semi-POS environment

I’m looking for a someone who uses Navision in a semi-Point-of-Sale mode;

that is, where the customers are known, there is a need to capture information by customer, some sales are ‘pre-booked’ with shipments/invoices in the future, BUT at the same time most sales are made in a rapid cutomer checkout procedure with a ‘cash register-like’ functionality.

I would like to discuss solutions used with anyone having similar environment.

Even though this is not the right place for doing advertisement.

We have an addon for Navision which might fit your needs perfectly.

Unfortunately you did not fill up your profile, so I cannot really see where you are from.

But based on the time zone of -7GMT I would guess America, East Coast ?

We have a distributor for Northern America you might wish to talk to.
Just PM me if you would like to get more details.