Navision Analyst

Hello Everybody, I have been trying to Install and Run Navision Analyst, but somehow im not able to generate output in Excel with the help of ODBC, I tried to run a normal query through Excel and the ODBC data source seems to be working fine, im using Navision 2.60, ODBC 2.60, Windows 2000 Professional and Office 2000, the installation of Analyst goes smooth, but after preparing the Cronus Database for Analyst i.e. after importing and running Analysts objects as per the Documentation, i get an error saying that “Could not connect to Database or Analyst Incompatible Database”, well still digging further i get another error “Unable to Connect to Database ISAM Error”. Any experiences and solutions ??? Thanx n Regards Vishal

I believe the version of Navisions ODBC is very important when using Analyst. It is not always the latest version of ODBC that is required. Read the documentation on the CD (a word document in the root directory of the CD) this tells you which version of ODBC you require. You must use this version a later version is not good enough. Paul Baxter

I don’t know Navision Analyst but with +5 years of experience with Navision and ODBC let me tell you this: Whenever a version changes (Excel or Navision) you will have to re-program or at least re-install the latest versions of Navision, Excel and ODBC drivers on EVERY client pc. Exporting Data to excel from Navision can be done quite reliably via Automation. I would use this approach. Forget about ODBC untill really necessary or you have a quick-and-dirty one-time analysis to do. With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian

With Analyst you have to use ODBC to create the datamarts (which is just an access database). The VB program which creates the datamarts is very fussy about using the correct version of ODBC. For Financial analyst it needed 2.60a version of ODBC. I have not seen analyst but I assume it needs the same version. Once you get financial analyst working it works well, and I think it is an excellent product although Navision have not sold many copies of it. Paul Baxter

Thanx so much everyone, I figured out the problem as per Paul its the ODBC version, Navision Analyst uses a different version, but i have not yet got the right version that can used be Navision Analsyt and I am wondering where can I get it. Thanx again. Vishal