I have problems using ODBC in Navision financials 2.01. I get the error message ISAM… What is the problem ??

Maybe you need on the workstation a link to your DNS File for the ODBC statemants. e.g.: If you have an excel report with ODBC on the server, the workstation need a network: maybe k:\navision\odbcreports ------------ Best regards Alejandro Schubert schubert@dolphinct.de

Has anyone encountered the following ODBC error? Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80040E4E) Operation was canceled. We are trying to use a system DSN connection in a ASP but get the above error message. Any ideas? Regards

Hi there first go to the microsoft support site and download the latest version of MDAC_TYP.exe that supports your client ( the newest doesn’t have some drivers) install the drivers and rebuild the DSN make this a system DSN. Check the support knowledgebase at microsoft for ODBC erorrs there are lots of reports etc there that may be able to help you HTH Bruce

Bruce, Thanks for your reply, but we have Windows2000 and therefore the latest version of MDAC_TYP.exe (2.5). Still no joy. Any ideas?

CMDunbar, One problem you can experience is that your lincense for NF server has limited number of licensed session. It means in some cases you can run out of this number and NF server will refuse the connection. As you know each ASP file with ODBC call tries to connect to DB and than disconnect. P.S.: To you problem can you provide more details about DSN setup,version of ODBC…

Jozef, Thanks for your reply. First of all, the C/ODBC driver comes with Navision Financials GB2.00 and it’s version number is; Secondly the DSN setup, which incidently works with a front end Delphi application accessing a Navision table, is as follows; Commit Cache is ticked DBMS Cache (KB)is blank Enable BLOB fields is ticked Identifiers : All except DOT Option Field Type : Text Query Time-out is ticked Query Time-out (sec.) is blank Read Only is blank Tmp Path is blank I don’t know if these are the settings you were interested in or not!?!? Do you want/need anymore information?