ODBC, Fin2.60 native, What is going on here???

Hi All,

At one of my customer’s I experienced something strange when (trying) to implement ODBC.

They run a Navision Financials 2.60G DK, native server, Win XP SP2, and Office 2003 SP2.

When I wanted to test the driver, against a local CRONUS-DB, nothing was inserted into Excel.
However if I had the output returned to MS-Query first, I could see the 3 records I expected.
But no matter how, I could not get any data into Excel.
I also tried to import data into an Access-DB, with the same result.

Any ideas?
(My own laptop is also WinXP SP2, with Office 2003 SP2, and here I had no problems??)

If I tried to connect to the server, I had the internal error 182 in module 1, wich I have found some threads on.


Hi Alexander,

sorry I don’t have asolution for you but… I have run 2.60 ODBC on the same platform you mention, and it did work, but its importantt to keep in mind that ODBC has never been a strong point with Navision, and although most problems were resolved by 2.60, its still wasn’t ideal. Obviously the best thing would be to do a Technical upgrade to the latest EXEs, but I will assume that you have already rulled out that idea.

The fact that you are getting th esame problem wiht both excel and access would lead me to start looking at the Query you have created, since you seem to have the data there. Another posibilyt is that you have slightly differnt versions of C/ODBC installed on each machine. SO I guess my step one would be to completely uninstall it form the suspect ocmputer, make certain you have the EXACT same version as the Navision server and reinstall.

Hi David,

Yup, a technical upgrade is out of the question, for several reasons.

Regarding the ODBC-version, I’m pretty sure that it is the same, as I took the same installation-disk as I used on the suspect machine, for the installation on my own laptop.

My problem is when retrieving data from a stand-alone DB, located in the local Financials-program folder.
So I don’t think the server-version is the problem here.

Maybe I have different versions of MS Query installed.

I’ll keep on digging into what the differences are between the 2 machines.

thanks for the response.