ODBC error 2.60

Hello, I have a question regarding the ODBC-driver of the 2.60 version of Navision. When I try to setup a ODBC connection with another datasource, the ODBC driver gives me the following error: [Navision Software a/s][Navision Financials ODBC driver] ISAM error What kinda error is this? Thanks, Roelof.

From what environment are you calling the ODBC connection? By experience I can tell that the VB shows this behavior persistently (ISAM error) when the project is run from within the designer. When the same project is compiled into an EXE file, it doesn’t happen anymore. During development, just close the VB editor and restart. John

I think I once had this type of error with version 2.01. If I remember well, I opened an ODBC connection to the database through Excel and Microsoft Query (Get External Data) using the same DSN. The message I got then was much clearer…

Yes, I set up a connection within VB. But the problem is that I even can’t define a connectionstring. Roelof.

My experience with the isam error is that the C/ODBC driver is the wrong version. Go to your ODBC Data Sources and look at the drivers. If you are running Financials 2.60 you should have an C/ODBC driver version of 2.60… The version of Financials doesn’t always match up to the C/ODBC driver.

Roelof, It surely is possible Just finished a small project for a customer who wanted to have a “catalog” of all items available on about every computer in the building. No need for full NF licenses, just show the list of items. With a photo of the item. But that’s another story. This was done in VB, implementing nice features as Find, Sort and Filter. First you need to make sure you have a DSN set up properly. Go to the Control Panel, open the ODBC icon. Using the C/ODBC driver you can set up a DSN (take a system DSN, not a file DSN). Just filling in the properties. Now you go to the VB Editor, start a new standard project and under the Project menu, Add Form. A selection of new form types will be presented. Choose the Data Form Wizard, which is very helpful to set up things for you. Using “build by code” rather than using a DataControl allows you to be a little bit more flexibility in adjusting to your needs. By the way, the Visual Data Manager Add-In is also a good tool to test your connection. John