Navision 4.0 slow after migration from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005

After migration from the SQL server 2000 to SQL 2005 , Navision is slow for the sites that connect to the Database, The site where the server is has no problem when accessing the Database but those from the other sites with the same wide area has a problem accessing the database,

What could be the possible problem if the Latency is not that much , its like 5ms to 10 ms

hope you help me sort this out.

Hi Michael,

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The problem you describe is - unfortunately - not a singular event. NAV/SQL performance issues are frequently (actually permanently) discussed here and I’d like to encourage you to search the forum about “SQL Performance”.
I’m sure you’ll find plenty of useful advices, recommendations, tipps and tricks etc. helping you to solve your problems!

Also look into the BLOG section to get further details, templates and more!

Last but not least: maybe you want to check out this one: (new edition will be release in few weeks!)

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