Navision 3.10 and SQL 2000

Hello All, I have an installation of Navision running on a SQL 2000 server. I am having a response time issue when performing any functions in Navision whether it’s from the server console, or a client machine. Performing almost any function takes a long time, whether it’s a lookup, running a report, or posting. For example, I have a 200 page product status report that takes about 2-3 hours to generate. Also, when I post about 150 - 200 entries, it takes 1-2 hours to post when there are no users on the system. When I check the server load, it is hardly working at all, yet these transactions take forever to complete. Does anyone have any settings in SQL, or Navision that I can check to see if I can improve my system’s performance? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Don

First we need to now the size of Your database, number of users and how Your HW is configured.

Hi, Database is approx 25GB Max # of users = 77 Raid 5 set for Database

RAM, CPU, Disks, Disk configuration, Navision version etc ? You will also find a LOT of topics if You search for SQL and Performance. As I see it allmost all problems somehow relates to badly configured HW. But give some more info and we’ll give it a try.

RAID 5 is a good start in finding your problem!You really need to set up the SQL server as per the Navision recommendations. You are going to need multiple drive sets, and NONE of them will be RAID 5. Please keep in mind that the I in RAID stands for Inexpensive, not Increadibly fast! As Lars says, there are hundreds of posts on this topic to be found by searching. But also as he says, no one can help you unless you can give details of your setup. Also has your Navision system been modified?