Slow performance MS Dynamics NAV 5.0 with addon on SQL 2005 Enterprise


I know this is probably a long shot but here goes… I recently joined a compagny where they are running Navision. The clients are using terminal servers on Windows 2003. The SQL server is 2005, also Enterprise. We are running close to 100 clients during peak hours. All servers mentioned are running on Vmware 4 and thus are virtualised. The SQL 2005 server has 24Gb of RAM, running 4 CPU’s Intel Xeon 2.13Ghz (E5506). The SQL databases are resided on a brandnew HP Lefthand with a SCSI connection. So it’s not using a datastore or anything. Connection on LAN is 1Ghz fibre. The terminal servers are usually populated with 5-10 users, running 8Gb RAM on the same CPU’s Intel Xeon.

The users complain about slow reports mostly. So sometimes it takes up to multiple seconds for a list to respond. And this usually happends during peak hours. Sometimes it looks like the screen refresh is slow, and building every line slowely.

My problem is, I don’t know where to look for on the SQL server! The connection to the server and the terminal servers are fine, I measured the max throughput and the used bandwidth in between. The terminal servers, as for the SQL server are both running on low CPU usage (between 5-15%. Memory seems fine also, no paging. So I am a bit stuck here.

Run Sql Profiler so you will get idea which queries are getting slowes as well as process locking…

Hello and thank you for your reply, sir.

I will go check that. Allthough I have been measuring throughput on the SQL server that hosts the databases. And it might have to do with the virtual netwerk adapter throughput. Seeing that the SQL server has to upload incredible amounts of data, that might choke netwerk/netwerkadapter. And most of the time when people complain about the performance it’s when the amount of Navision users is at it’s max and there are some heavy queries running in the background.

I will look into SQL profiler!

Kind regards, Ingmar