Navision - Item Availability by Location is very slow

Dear Friends

One of our user is having slowness problem while running the item availability by location form. They are using Navision verison 4.0 SP3 with sql server 2005. Database is very huge 400gb.

Temporarily when they restart the server the forms runs s normal and after some days the problem reoccurs. Why the restart of server solves this problem? how can we permanently solve this issue?

They also have slowness while running Analysis View and Currency Revaluations.

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If you are saying restarting the server solves the problem temporarily then most likely the server is not performing upto the mark because not having enough upto date hardware specification. What happens when you restart the server is that it clears the RAM and because of that the program works smoothly until the RAM again is getting used heavily and only restarting would free the memory slots from RAM. So bottomline is you have to get server with higher specification.

Or if you cant afford the upgrade of the server at the moment then you have to see how to make the server works faster by may be putting less load on the server either by killing of user sessions automatically if users arent using Navision etc.


The users are using the latest server with high end configurations.

Any other openions?



Hi Vineeth,

first of all: welcome to the Dynamics User Group! [<:o)]

Well, unfortunately there can be many many many reasons for degraded performance … this is a permanently discussed issue, thus I suggest you seach the forum for “SQL Performance” and you’ll get plenty of useful advices and recommendations.

If you would like to share further details about your system, them maybe we could give more specific proposals.

One thing: with NAV 4.0 SP3 it is crucial to have an optimzed SIFT structure; again, search DUG about details.


Can you describe in detail this “high end” configuation.

Also what version of Navision are you running?