Native navision slow over network


Our test setup:

Navision server, located on HyperV host.
Navision Client, located on the same HyperV host.

If we run the navision client direct from the Navision server, its run really fast, so it’s not the server.
But if we run the same client from the navision client, located on the same HyperV host, is run very slow.
But it’s located on the same HyperV host, so there are no network components between, order than HyperV.

It’s a 2009 SP1 version, and the server is Windows 2008R2 (Have also try with Windows 2012R2), 2008R2 is faster than 2012R2, but not much.

The client is Windows 7 86bit, have also try with a 64bit machine.

It’s a native database installation.

Could anybody point me in som direction?
Is there any change i need to change on the server, for its to serve clients fast?

Please ask if you have any question about the setup.

Regards Kenneth Dalbjerg

I’m having trouble following your references to the distinction between the NAV client that’s being run on the NAV Server and the NAV client that’s being run on the NAV Client … I got the impression that they’re all on the same Hyper-V machine, but somehow you’re trying to make a distinction between the two, and I’m not sure what it is. Maybe you can try to clear that up a bit?

I can say from experience that if any element of the connection between the client and the server is running across you network backbone, the performance will degrade to some degree. There are all sorts of variables that play into that, and the degree of degradation can vary quite a bit, depending on which aspects of performance are at the top of the weakest link chain.

I had a client who had this same issue, specifically with reports. Even though the NAV client was running for an RDP Host machine that was on the same local campus as the server, the performance was very poor (one report was taking 10-12 hrs to complete). We resolved it by using Remote Desktop Services to publish the NAV Client as a Remote Application. That cut the report run time down to about 10 minutes.

I know that doesn’t solve your problem, but it may point you in the right direction.


Sorry for not be clear with you :slight_smile:

The same HyperV host both the Server, with a Native navision.
And a test client with Windows 7 with navision client.
So there are no network involved, except the HyperV internal network.

Hmm it could maybe a solution to run it though Remote Desktop services. I will try to make some testing.

Regards Kenneth Dalbjerg