Navision 2016 on terminal server (RDP)

Hi, does anybody have experience with Navision 2016 on teminal server ?

Why is NAV 2016 (RTC) client much slower then older version NAV 2009 ?

Local installed client on PC is faster for 50% in compare to terminal remote App.

Thanks a lot


Hi VK,
If you want the advantages of RDP, then consider using the ClickOnce installer.

The new windows client is slower and needs more ressources because this client is much complexer and has much more opportunities in layouting and configuration. in most cases a hardware ugrade is needed to get a good performance. the old client was fast because it was a very simple tech. and layout.

Hi VK, Please could you give me some details on your case? I have exactly the same symptoms, and if you will share your findings, or perform the steps to troubleshoot the problem, it would help me in my case. The solution was to strengthen the infrastructure or hardware to software optimization levels. I’ll be glad for any advice. Thank you very much in advance.

VK, it depends on other certain things too.

  1. Can you confirm where is your AZURE VM hosted (US, South East Asia or other data center location)
  2. What is the VM size (RAM, Hard Disk Space) in the VM
  3. Have you tried checking wirh tracert utility, what is the number of Hops it takes to reach your VM from your Laptop?

My case in lite summary, NAV2016 client (RTC) is very slowly, but 2009 is OK.

  1. local data house > synch. 150 Mbps line out for VPN access, only RDP (TS, APPNAV SRV and SQL in house - three-layer, backbone network Gbps
  2. VM on Hyper-V - TS - W2012 R2 STD, 12 vCPU, 36GB RAM, HDD 60 GB 15 free //45 users - Office 2013 App + NAV Client, VM on Hyper-V - NAVAPP SRV - W2012 R2 STD, 8 vCPU, 12GB RAM 126GB 114 free // only NAV application layer for users on TS — database on SQL2016
    3.NAV client installed on local laptop works fine to reach your VM (NAVAPP SRV) 6 hops // TS 1 hop - backbone.

Which way is the right solution, who knows? :frowning:


Hi ,

there is a lot of things you have to do to improve NAV performance. First optimize DB. Check/define Maintanance Plan for update statistics, rebuild indexes, but I think, that main problem is in poor written code (codeunits). Its big challenge for NAV admin/developer. It was our case.
Are you from Czech republic ? If yes, i can recommend dev. company.



Yes, I am from CZ, if I could have a specifying question in Czech, please contact me on tomik.hp@sez…

Thanks a lot