Navision V4 and Performance

Has anyone experienced any performance issues with Navision Version 4 (SQL)? Scrolling through records (i.e. Sales Orders) is much slower than previous versions of Navision. If I set the Client Network Library to Named Pipes on the clients scrolling is much faster. I am not sure if there are some issues with V4 and TCP\IP. I do not get the same problem with other versions of Navision on the same SQL Server, running from the same clients with the TCP\IP Clent Network Library. I am running Windows 2003 Server SQL Server 2000 SP3a Windows XP SP2 Is it true that V4 uses TCPS?

A couple of random thoughts… 1) Re: scrolling through sales orders… If you are looking at sales orders using the new v4 Sales order form that contains the ‘InfoPane’ enhancement, the performance difference may be explained by the significant number of new FlowField calculations that are required to display the InfoPane data… 2) If you loaded your v4 db from a Navision backup (.fbk), there have been indications that you may need to Optimize the tables – something about statistics aren’t properly rebuild for FlowFields until Optimize is run… 3) TCPS is the new default protocol used by the proprietary client/server; not relevant for SQL Server…

Thanks for your suggestions. I have run an optimization on all Navision Tables but unfortunately this has made no improvement on the performance. It will be interesting to see what happens with a brand new database without the Cronus data.

If you run a SQL profile and do your order browsing to capture the server calls what do you see? Are there obvious spikes in some statements (duration column exceeding around 300ms) or are all statements slower - that is compared to the Named Pipes test. Without seeing this its pretty much blind guess work.

Both the FDB and SQL database will take more ram and speed to work. Microsoft has added a lot more dll’s running in the background. Even the demo database no longer uses 8000kb for both Commit and Database cache. It went up 4 times as a default setting. 1st. Did you try to make sure you get the same reaction from another workstation? 2nd. Go into services and Task manager to see if additional programs are slowing down the apps. 3rd. Is the server running another version of Navision? If so, Why? Double the load will hurt the connection. 4th. Find out if its one area (Module) or another. Make sure you do not have another version of Navision running on the client/server sides. 5th. If your safe, try to turn off the antivirus, autoupdates etc. See if it make a difference. If so, find your software problem. Geovanny

Try to scroll in list form. If it is faster then problem in calculations on card form. Try dissable InfoPanel. We found some setrange without setcurrentkey and later count. So every time you scroll you calculate someting without select good key.