NAS Printing is Ignoring Margin settings (v360b)


Does anyone have any solutions to our problem?

We’re wanting to print invoices overnight to a specific printer using NAS (Navision Application server). However, NAS ignores all margin settings of the invoice report.

We’re running the 360 version and although I have read that this issue has been fixed in later version, it is not practical for us to upgrade yet.

Has anybody got any workarounds or 3rd party solutions?

Thanks in advance,


Have you considered doing just a technical upgrade, not an application upgrade?

Sorry Erik, I must of missed your reply.

A technical upgrade is not viable at the moment. We’re still looking to get this to work with the current version in the meantime. I’d read that someone had “re-engineered” one of the NAS dll’s but I can’t find any more info on this. I’ll keep looking.[;)]


Hello, have you found a solution ? because I have the same problem, and I would fix it, thanks bye


No solution sorry… we’ve managed to put off doing this until we do our upgrade to Nav2009.