Multilanguage und STX file

We actually are using Financials and would like to have a multilanguage Funktion… So i programmed the SetLanguage Trigger from Attain into Financials, but when i try to set my language then i have only one language to select. Do i have to modify my STX file? I only want to select between German and USEnglisch. Is the selection of the language saved in the zup file? Thanks Sven

Hi Sven, it is very straight forward, but there are a number of steps you must follow. Really you should contact your NSC for this but… Step one is “Have you actually purchases the language granuels that you want?” i.e. English and German. In your license, look for: 4,908 Application Wide - English (United Kingdo 1 or 4,909 Application Wide - English (United States 1 and 4,916 Application Wide - German (Standard) 1 (You are probably better off with the UK version, since you will want to see Vat and Post Code instead of Sales Tax and Zip code. Once you have this you will then need the language files in the “ENU” or which ever english version you are using. Install the language files in the correct directories. Now you must have a full developers license (Again you really should have your NSC do this). Complie the language, restart Attain, and you should be ready. good luck. _________________________ David Singleton Navision Consultant since 1991 dmks22@comcast.net___________

Hi, Please copy the DEU directory in the directory in which you have installed the program. You can request your NTR to provide the DEU directory which come with the German version of Navision CD.


Did you try yourself what you suggested? Or better to say do you always give advices reading from book rather to share your experience? So, you are gonna stop it? Or you are going on with this sh… stuff


I don’t know how are you used to communicate in Canada, but in forums like DUG your style is not welcome.

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It was 11 years ago, so I am guessing this relates to 2.5/2.6. Assuming you have a similar issue in a later version I would suggest you post a question. Answers can be superceeded by future changes in the software!