Navision/Terminal Services/Multilanguage?

Hi, We have Navision running over Terminal Services working just fine. Next up is that we would like to run Multiple Languages in this. Not translation or anything like that,“just” Capturing of Data in Japanese, Chinese Traditional,Chinese Simplified, Korean & English. If all Users where to run on Local Clients this would not be a Issue at all. But once they are on Terminal Services I suspect there is a problem. I belive that Navision, unlike other applications like Excel,Word require the System Local Language to be set(Codepage)? I Can only make Navision work on My laptop for 1 of these language at the time. By setting the Language as Default un the Regional Options,General Tab,(Select in in the List & Press the “Set as Default”, then REBOOT!) We have installed all Languages on the Terminal Server. When a User who is setup in the Local PC as Japanese connects he will get the Japanese Input Locales as well as Japanese as IME correct. He can run Word,Excel and so on, The problem is that this is not enough for Naivison to be able to run. Anyone who knows if the Terminal Server User Settings can include the settings for the System Local Language? Any workarounds or Ideas what I’m missing?

Hi Johan, If you are running Attain 3.x you can use the multi language supplied with Navision Attain. First you need to get hold of the different language files. When you have the files, all of the files must be copied to the client language directory of Attain (ENU for English. Example could be c:\attain\client\enu). If you were to install Dutch language, the directory would be c:\attain\client\nld. When you have completed the coping you must import the language file into Attain (example: if importing Dutch language, the file name could be NLD_1043_Std_301-2-00.flm). Remember to mark all objects in Attain that are going to use multi language. Then logout of Attain. Next time you login to Attain you can now select the language from Tools, Language (if the license allows it !!) If have this working with 5 different languages running on a terminal server. Notice that the tables Object Translation and Report List Translation are not translated. However there is a way to do that. Use the funtion Tools, Translate, Export to export objects. When done use dataport 1 to import the objects again. Regards Kim

Thanks Andreas, I don’t know If I undertand your suggestion correct ot not. I am not really interested in Translating anything in the Application. Everything is English. What I am trying to achive here is enable My users to Register,View & Print Data in their own charachters… having users accessing My Terminal Server and running Navision(3.10A on SQL) . For example users from Japan register Orders for Customers with Japanese Characters in their Name,Address. (FYI,Each Country is a Responsabillity Center) I know that If the Korean or Chinese Users would log in and view the same Data with their Languages activated they would ofcourse se rubbish but that is OK. The important thing is that it works for the User who is supposed to see it and Print the papers. Right now I can not get the Terminal Server to supprt more that the Codepage specified in the SYstem Locale Language…

Sorry, Thanks Kim Andreasen, Not Andreas[:I]

By the way Kim, your 5 different Languages, they are all using the same Codepage are they? My Languages here are Double Byte and are different Codepages :frowning:

I understand your issue with the system locale requirement and the SQL version of Attain (it is not a requirement for Navision Server). I suspect that Terminal Server cannot manage separate system locales in the way it can manage user locales since the system locale is locked to the OS at startup (or change of system locale in the control panel). Attain has no support for DBCS and it is not possible to use a DBCS code page on the SQL version, although you may have things working satisfactorily using one of the single-byte code pages on the server. I think this would also be an issue when trying to ‘share’ the languages.

Thanks Robert, Yes I suspect this is something that will give me a headake… Allthough, you can run Attain perfectly well on SQL using DBCS, We are doing it, in the european versions though it is blocked in the STX file, so you’ll get a Error saying something like “Codepage not supported” My problem is that im trying to suppost multiple codepages in 1 TS…as you say I am trying to tie the System Locale settings to the users…to bad that MS Navision is based on this setting, unlike other Microsoft Applications that works based on the User Input Locale & Keybord Layout alone…:frowning:

The Multilanguage should not give you problems unless you bring Japanese etc. in. Because of the double-byte char set, you need a specially MOD’et version to support the japanese codepage. The client however cannot show the japanese chars if the servers default locale isn’t japanese. We are running a complete multilanguage environment as you describe, but we had to build an additional server to be able to support the double-byte charset. Without knowing the details of programming, it has something to do with the attain client is not UNICODE like MS Office is. But as I said depending on System locale being the one used.