More Languages in Attain?!

Hello dear Forum! How can i install more than the usual two languages for Navision Attain? I like to add the german language to a Navision standart installation with “English” and “Italian”. Thanks for you help! Andreas

Hi, Do you have Navision language module translated into Italian available with you? If yes, 1. You need to import using Tools–>Language Module–>Import 2. Copy all relevant help/stx/etx files etc. on the Server in a folder named on the Windows Language format Eg.ENU/BGR/CAT etc. 3. You license need to have permission you to use Italian language. So check the things out. Regards

Hi, You just copy the DEU directory content in the c:\Program files\Navision\Clients directory if you have installed in the Navision in above said directory or copy it in the directory where you have installed it. You can get the DEU directory content from the German version of Attain CD. Note: Please don’t rename the DEU directory with some other name. this is the language acronomy for winodw language.

Your NTR should be able to provide you with additional language modules. Kind regards, Jan Hoek