multicurrency report in G/L

I noticed in G/L Register, the columns of amount and Currency code are absent.
how do i show multicurrency in GL?
someone is telling me In General Ledger Setup, we can set Additional Reporting Currency Functionality
and Define Exchange Rate Adjustment = Adjust Additional-Currency Amount.
but Additional currency is for Reporting currency. I was asking for original currency posted from source documents egpurchase invoice to GL.
Original currency is not Additional Currency amt.
do i have any other way?

That’s right, no info about transaction currency is transferred to GL, it holds only LCY and may have ARC, but it is solely for reporting purposes, say, for mother company in different country.

Actual currency info can be found only in Customer / Vendor / Bank Acc ledgers, and reports showing this currency are all based on these ledgers, not GL.


as Modris Ivans wrote: there is no transaction currency available in the G/L. However, there is an Add-On available which does just that. It is called Smart IT TransactionCurrency. With it you have additional information:

  • Transaction Currency and Amount in the G/L and VAT Entries for any transaction in NAV

  • Adjustment of G/L Accounts held in a foreign currency (like bank accounts in a foreign currency)

  • Improved reporting, like a “safe” Close Income Statement which is currency-aware.

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how do i get Smart IT TransactionCurrency.?

Hello stan,

I’m afraid we’re still in the process of making a localization for “Hell on Earth” :wink:

Currently the Add-On is in the testing process with Microsoft/LionBridge. We have a localization for DE and W1. For more information please contact mbs (at) smart-it-solutions (dot) com, or you can write me an email.

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can you update for this to me?

i need it