addititonal reporting currency

Hi to all

I am seeing currency fields currently. In which i ve doubt with additional reporting currency.

even read with document i cant get clr idea. So help me in this topic.



The additional reporting currency, if set up and configured correctly, allows you to run reports, like you account schedules, in one alternate currency, so a European company trading in euros may have to report to a head office in dollars and this is one approach to this.

Just a remark, When activate additional currency for each G/L Entry you will have Additional-Currency Amount filled. The purpose of this is what AdamRue have told.

Hello, Can you please advise how we can do that? I want the detail trial balance report under General ledger to display the balance in forreign currency.

Please help.




Adam wrote hereinabove, what ARC is - do not mix it with actual transaction currency.

ARC is defined in GL Setup / Reporting, but if you enable it, EVERY entry will need it, means, you will need to enter Exch.rate for this currency DAILY, otherwise the figures will be a garbage. Read F1 for ARC - it’s explained there, what else you gain from ARC & need to do…