Show both transaction and local currency on a GL report in Business Central

Hello All, I am new to Business Central and just need a bit of assistance, I need to create a GL transaction report that shows the originating currency and local currency amount. for each transaction. I am not interested in the additional reporting currency as that is not the currency the transactions were entered in, based on my research I think that Business Central does not hold this information, but would like someone to confirm this, also if it does not does anyone know of an extension that I could use that would enable me to get this information to appear on reports and lists. Thanks in advance.

Yes you are correct, A GL Entry does not “save” the currency of the originating Entry (Which can only be a Sales Document/Purchase Document). The Currency has never been part of GL Entries, simply because from an accouting perspective it is simply not needed.

So your solution is to to create a report that tests the Document Type = Invoice, Credit Memo, and the Document No. and find the currency Code and Total Currency Amount/Value in the the four tables Sales Invoice Header, Sales Credit Memo Header, Purchase Invoice Header and Purchase Credit memo Header.

Having said that, I cannot really see the reason to know the originating Currency Code and Value - because you cannot change it anyway.