Currency code not exist in G/L entry(ledger entry)

here are currency code and currency factor in general journal line,but after posting g/l,not any currency code or currency factor in created g/l ledge entry(g/l entry).so enduser can not find history data about currency. have a quick solution or must update posting program code[?]

The general ledger is, by definition, in the base currency. It may also show amounts in the alternate currency if it is set-up. If you have currency on a journal line, for example with a supplier payment, then you will see all of the associated information in that ledger i.e. the purchase ledger - but you won’t see it in the general ledger. Can’t the user use the Navigate to get back to the other related transactions?

example for in general journal line: g/l type:account account no:50010 currency code:usd currency factor:0.12 amount:100 bal g/l type:account amount lcy:833.3 bal.account no:50020 after posting the journal line,no any currency code or factor in g/l entry and I think operation will be convenience if currency code and factor exist in g/l entry.

Hi Peter From the customer and supplier perspectives all the currency information can be found (well depending upon your requirement). As Adam says traditionally the GL is seen in LCY, although you can report in a different currency if required, so these transactions are purposely shown in LCY. However when drilling down on the transactions and navigating you can get to the currency transaction and information. Where is the system failing from your perspective?

if there are not vendor or customer in general journal line,you do not find any currency transaction,after posting the journal can navigate just exit vendor/customer,but when our finance persons make voucher on g/l journal line,use account as g/l type not vendor/customer sometime(the account no is direct posting), so they ask me how can find the history currency factor then,and I have not better idea than updating relative c/side code. if know the currency code I can create a report to list correspond currency exchange rate by posting date, but not currency code was recorded

Hi Peter Could you give me an example of the nature of the transaction entered as a general journal with currency implications so I can understand the end users requirements better. I am just interested, I mean general journals are by nature general, but if it is into a bank you should have the corresponding LCY on the bank ledger entry, other genreal entries could be wages, pensions, etc, which could be in a foreign currency with applicable exchange rate I suppose. Just trying to get a clearer picture.

Have you set up the Additional Reporting Currency in GL Setup? Django

Peter, I can imagine that you often make exchanges from one currency to another, and you don’t always want to use the same exchange rate with the costumer. If you use the bank application, and not post directly to an account on the balance, all currency history will be reachable from the “navigate” menu i think. (haven’t tested it) Regards Karl

Steven, here is the actual example: g/l type:account account no:215110,payroll payment currency code:usd currency factor:0.12 amount:1000 bal g/l type:account amount lcy:8333.3 bal.account no:550114,foreigner salary Created G/L entry line: entry no:463935 account No.:215110 amount:8333.33 bal.account No.:550114 Django, the Additional Reporting Currency is blank,if set up the currency to USD(for example),the USD will be recorded in G/L entry,but I can not applied to USD only,because maybe it is HKD or DDK, do you thank? Karl, you are right,if not post directly to bal.account No. the problem will be solved via new report, the new report will list each g/l entry including currency code and currency factor,if the currency code and factor exist in g/l entry,not need any new report,the operator will show the history by himself via navigate. thank you

Hi Peter The journal seems to be a further division of presumably an original journal for the payroll and bank. Can you not change the original journal to split it out between payroll and foreign salary and then you would be able to trace the currency from the Bank entry of the balancing account. Just a thought but your only option is to modify it if you cannot change the way the journals are being entered, and I don’t think that would be fun surroundiing currency and the GL!

Steven, I agree with you,I will use your idea to solve the currency problem. thank very much.