Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic modified report to Visual Studio to R2

Hi everyone!

I’m new to dynamics., is there somebody who could help me out in microsoft dynamics nav classic report, I want to move on to R2.

whenever I add the modified reports to page - and create layout suggestion to visual studio > visual studio shows the body only, its not showing the header and footer., Do I have to redesign it again one by one using Visual Studio?

While running the modified report in R2, it runs just like classic style., like running Check Voucher., I have to put on the last check no. and it shows the error:

"This message is for C/AL Programmers

You cannot run the Form object ID370as nonmodal when opening a report from the roleTailoredClient."

is it right that, when I’m running the report it’s just like a classic one? Or, should it be a dialog box in R2 showing:

Options,Where___ And___ with x & + design?

Is there somebody who could send a video of Demo from Classic to Visual Studio to R2?

please please please…


When we click create layout suggestion it will create 10-20% (approx) of classic report to rdlc data only…remaining % we need to redesign it…

Thanks Mohana… do you have any suggestion with regards to the running of the modified reports in R2?

I am not sure how you are running the report? Are you using REPORT.RUNMODAL ?

You need to save the rdlc data and report.

You need to transform the request form to request page also…