Show report


I created a report with visual studio, so when I run it I get a catastrophic result (displaying problem), but when I do “preview” that’s where it returns the good result.

how do I prevent this? is there a way to skip directly to the mode “preview” when I run the report ?

When you say you created a report in visual studio do you mean outside of NAV or did you build a report in NAV and then use the “layout” option to look at the RDL?

If it is from inside NAV have you run the report in classic first, does it work?

If its from inside BIDS or something similar have you checked your permissions and or run your queries manually to confirm they work?

Lastly: what is the message you get displayed on the screen?


I created it from NAV and I did “layout” … Yes it runs, but it’s just Layout that isn’t fine ! when I run it, and when I press on preview button of report … it shows me the correct layout !!!

Why do you need it?

what kind of report is it?

Because when the user see the report for the first time just after run it, the layout is very ugly I don’t know why. He has to press on preview button to see the correcte shape !!!

Then you have to correct it to look beautiful…