Meeting & Invitations

Hi all, Who of you is using the outlook synchronization function in Navision Relationship Management? I need to do a massive use of Meeting type to-dos and Meeting Invitations… Is it possible to include a custom text for any invitation? Is it possible to include in this custom text some merge field like the location and the attendees? I’m a new Navision User… Thanks you in advance! Bye Bye GpM

Hi all, Is there no one who has anything to say to this question? I’m facing the same problem. I think it’s a bit silly that Navision offers a possibility to send an e-mail invitation with an attachment (which is, by the way, even mandatory), but that the merge document in question isn’t merged with the available fields? What purpose has it, then? Or is this because Outlook can only send one attachment per invitation, regardless off the number of attendees?