Navision and Outlook

Hello everyone, I’m new here and new to Navision too… I would like to ask some questions, I hope that I’m in the right forum… 1) I need to study the integration between Navision and Outlook, could somoene, please, point me to any resource on the web? 2) Is it possible to add new merge fields when building a word attachment in an interaction model? 3) Sometimes Outlook integration does not work properly. Do you know some big issues? Any kind of Help will be great… I’m a Newbie. Bye GpM

  1. The CRM manual is probably a good starting point. There is also a white paper on the Exchange integrations. Contact your NSC to get copies. 2) There are a lot of merge fields standard available. Yes you can add additional merge fields, but it requires some coding. 3) What is not working properly ?

In 3.60, some major issues were signed. In 3.70 however, I understood all known issues were solved…

Thank you very mauch! - I’ve read the CRM documentation and the whitepaper, thank you. - I’ve seen… there are a lot of merge field… but I need some more. Do you know where could I find something that explains how I can do that? - Now the Outlook Integrations seems to work properly, thank you. If something will go wrong… i’ll report you the error code… Thank you again… Bye Bye.

You will need to pass the variables to the create interaction wizard form 5077. From there pass them on to table AttachmentTemp in the HandleTrigger function of form 5077. In the Attachment Table, modify the code in the ShowAttachment function to pass the variables to the Word Management codeunit and create the function for passing the variables. In the Word Management codeunit : create a function to receive the variables, AddFields in the ExecuteMerge function, ShowmergedDocument function and CreateHeader function. Easy isn’t it ? Don’t get frustrated, take some time to debug the code and you’ll quickly see the best approach for your requirements.

Thank you very much! Now I’ll try your suggestions… I’m a Newbie and it doesn’t seem very simple… but… I need to start!! Thank you again… Bye Bye. GpM