Max. Report as finished


Does anyone know what the form “Item/Bom/Max.Report as finished” shows? I create a new warehouse, but seems I can’t find any on-hand quantity on this form for this warehouse?


Dear Atech,

Answer to ur first Q.

Max. Report as Finished means How much an Item (BOM Type) you can be produced or Manufactured at a particular instance…

Suppose u have “A” as finished item (which is composed of “Part-1” and “Part-2”), now you want to know that how much of “A” you can manufactured at this moment. At this Instance system checks its both child items stock (in their respective warehouse which are attached in BOM line of Item “A”) and let you know that How much of “A” you can produced…

Now You have Part-1 = 10 pcs and Part-2 = 5 pcs. this means you can produced Max. of 5 pcs of “A” (assuming 1:1 relation)

Do I need to run the Run as finished for the BOM item first or need to calculate the BOM on production order first?