BOM calculation

Hi, I need to find out the solution to create a report for BOM details: it means one finish product contains how many raw meterial (labour cost also) and quantity for each material. I have tried with BOM and BOMVERSION Tables but it still working slowly. Does any body have the best solution?


The feature that you are looking for is under item master → BOM → Designer → Calculation → select one of the already existing calculations → click Complete button. If there are no existing calculations, you have to run one (the system would open the needed form automatically for you).


Please note that there are a few preliminaries that should be done:

-costing version under: → -> .

-you must also have a costing sheet setup under Inventory Management → Setup → Bills of materials → Costing sheet setup.

Note that if you have defined in the route costing categories (which also must be setup for defining payment/hour), the route group would give you a few costs for run time, setup time and process qty after finishing the calculation.