Need BOM requirement

Dear All,

is there any option or form available in AX from where i can get the complete list of items require to produce a Final good with their current stock and require qty. (I know the BOM from)

for e.g.

I need to produce 100 Pcs of “A”, so i want the list of all the items (who contribute to produce A) with their current stock and qty require to produce A.

if yes then pl let me know…


Load the production order and then press the Inquiries and Explosion. This wil lshow you everything for the production order quantity defined.

Dear Adam,

the thing you told is OK, but is not solving my prob.

My prob is i have A (FG) which can be made from any one type of Raw material (RM) from 10 different RMs.

(Means I can use any 1 RM type from 10 diff. types depends upon the availability of RM).

e.g. A can be made from 10 Diff. RM, but i have to use only one in the BOM out of 10 by looking the available stock of other 9. So, My question is when i place a sales order for A system should show me the on hand inventory of all the 10 types with how much require to produce 100 of A (pl note: consumption of each RM is different), but that is not possible because i have to use only one type in BOM, and suppose i added all types in one BOM then system will create production order by considering all the type which i don’t want coz…it will increase my time to delete balance 9 items while production posting and secondly this will hamper by costing…(FG items are 400+)

I don’t think you can do it with standar functions. Becouse you always will need a BOM to know what the finished product is made of, and to analyze the manufacturing options for the 10 RM, you need the active BOM with the 10 RM, and once you select the better option based on availability or cost, you will generate a production order which will take the active BOM (with the 10 RM), so you’ll need to manually modify the BOM for that particular production order.

How many possible combinations of RM do you have to make the finished product? You can analyze each combination individually and generate the production order for the one selected, but you can not know at the moment of entering the sales order which item (combination of raw material) will be done…


u should explore more on this topic…

There is no alternate item selection in production. Even if there was it would be 1:1. You need to modify it to cope with 1:n relationship and availability. Basically you make based upon availability of interchangeable items and this cannot be defined within the BOM because the decision is made by planning/production on the actual formation/version of the BOM.