Master scheduling(Static master planning) in AX 2009

Dear All,
I have 8 finished products that will be run on the same machine. When I run Master scheduling (AX 2009) with Static master plan for 2 such products, I get suggestion for running both products at the same time which is obviously impossible. These products must run one after another.Two SFO, two SFI and two FPA are similar products. The screen shot for this planning is pasted below. Please suggest the solution for this.

Shreenivas Vaidya.

Does the work center/resource is controlled with Finite capacity?

I tried with and without finite capacity.The result is same. Later I also tried without finite capacity but with bottleneck selected (in Master planning set up), but got the same result.



How did you ensure finite capacity was envoked? It is not only a case of setting it on the work centre you also need to set the plan parameters and depending where you were other parameters. Finite when configured may well give you strange options, but it will not give you two jobs starting at the same time on the same resource if configured correctly.

Dear AdamRoue,

To select the finite capacity I followed the path

Master planning => Set up => Plans => Master plans => Select Static Master plan on ‘Overview’ tab => Go to General tab => Planned production orders => Put a tick mark in the check box for Finite capacity.



And what did you do to the resources/work centres and groups?

The work center group and work center both were tick marked as finite capacity and bottleneck resource.

Production Parameters - Scheduling - Finite Capcity is set to?

In production parameters => Scheduling => the finite capacity box was not ticked.

But after putting a tick mark there, and declaring finite capacity at all other places as mentioned earlier, still there is overlapping of work center usage.

Think that is all - have you reloaded the orders - the setting is copied to the orders as well from memory, so you have to recreate them, but if it is demand only and the orders are planned it should be fine.