Finite capacity planning

Hi all,

My customer would like to go for finite capacity planning, so I did the following setting

  • Defined the Resource to Finite capacity, Exclusive and even Bottleneck resource checked.
  • Defined to run the Finite capacity in Master planning Setup → Plans → Master plans

I ran the Master scheduling with only one single item from two Sales order with the same fulfillment date(20/8) to customer, however the result shows both are backward calculated from the same fulfillment date(19/8) and for those date which overlapping the operation capacity, system is alert me in the Capacity load of that particular Resource, the Overbooked column shows a yellow triangle escalation mark. By right the expected result should be 19/8 - 16/8 first order, 15/8 - 13/8 second order.

Aside these two setting needed to be done, where else I need to look into it that will affect the result of the Master planning?



Hi all,

Read through all the posts and I seems like got a conclusion, Finite capacity does not apply to Master planning, it is only works in Schedule operation and Schedule jobs in Production order, am I getting the concept right?

Anyone here can enlighten me on this area as this is the first time to implement this function.



Master Planning will schedule if your firm status is set to scheduled, and it has to schedule to the rules in its plan to get the delivery date of the production order, so your statement is not correct in my opinion. Master plan set to finite, the resources and resource group are finite, cannot remember off the top of my head other settings, but it will plan to capacity, maybe just not how you would expect depending upon your AX version. Check the periodic scheduling option for the flag as well, as the automated routine will use these settings.

Thank you for your reply, I think I found where is the root caused after your confirmation Master planning does consider Finite capacity. I increased the Finite capacity time fence.

The true test is to ensure there is capacity and then schedule, but there are more than a few flags due to the master planning impact.