Manufacturing - WIP Posting

Hi Guys,

In Navision Version 4.0 SP2, Standard Database, Manufacturing. I did the following steps

  1. created a Released Prod. Order, 2. posted consumption, 3. Posted output, 4. changed the status to finished and 5. ran the Ajust Cost Item Entries batch job.

Every thing went smoothly till step 4, all the items were in WIP a/c and the MFG items Cost was in Cost Amount Expected column, a component (10001) consumption was posted qty 5 and cost amout actual 272.00 some decimal places which was correct, it is a standard cost item.

On Step 5 - the batch job created a value entry for item 10001 reducing the cost of the item from 272 to 188 and in the G/L transfered the difference of 84 from WIP to Finished Goods a/c & I cant think of a reason why would the system do this ?

Any thoughts, Ideas, thanks in advance.

I hope you’ll understand what I am trying to say if not I can provide more information…

Thanks Guys.


Can I have a bit more information please.

The parent item cost and costing method.
I presume 10001 is the only component and has a standard cost of 54.40 and is standard costed?
I presume on the output the recorded manufacturing time was as expected? If any time what were the costs from standard?

What was the finished output cost of the parent? 188?

I presume at the end your WIP account for the order was 0?