Average Costing for Finished Products in Manufacturing

Hi all,

running some tests on manufacturing (Nav 4 SP3), I am facing a costing issue for finished products with average costing. When posting the production journal (manual flushing), the consumption part gets valued correctly (value entries and G/L entries move the value of consumed goods from Intentory to WIP), but the output part does not get any cost amount associated. Before posting the production journal, I update the Unit Cost on the Production Journal Line with the Update Unit Cost process from the Production Order, after posting the production journal, I update the Status to Finished, run the Adjust Cost - Item Entries process, but the cost amount on the finished goods remains 0… any idea what I might be missing, or any hint on what I should review??


Which costing method is applied to the items?

All items are valued Average…

I know that there are still issues with Average Costing in Navision, and also that the manufacturing costing is rather designed for standard costing, though it does not say that it didn’t work at all…


After moving the status to finished is there anything in WIP?

Can you go to the finished order and look at the entries and the cost values?

The complete consumption cost is left in WIP, and the valuation of the finished goods is 0. Basically, the value is not moved from the WIP to the finished goods inventory account…

Looks to me that the entries are created correctly, there are item ledger entries (6 for consumption, 2 for output), with the correct quantities, and value entries, one for each item ledger entry. The cost part for the consumption entries is correct, but the cost part on the output entries is 0, also the invoiced qty for these output entries is 0.

By the way, both consumption goods and finished goods have lot tracking, might this have something to do?

Thanks for your interest and help so far… :slight_smile:


Pretty sure lot tracking is irrelevant from a generic perspective, however are the costs of the lotted items consumed known? By this I mean is the completely invoiced flag set to Yes on each consumption line?

Any modifications done to the lotted area or the production consumption?

… found the problem… as I had thought it was rather a matter of setup and running the right processes in the correct order… my errors:

  1. Automatic Cost Adjustment was set to “never”…

  2. I ran the “Adjust Cost Item Entries” process, but had not updated the status of the PO to Finished yet…

  3. once performing the whole set of steps in the right order… oh miracle…, the output did have the actual real cost.

Thanks for your time and ideas, and maybe other may find these hints helpful (at least I can enjoy a calm weekend now [:D])