Posting WIP costs to GL

I’m trying to setup a demo for a client in which they want to see WIP costs posted to the GL. I’m using CRONUS as the base for the demo, so WIP accounts exist on the CofA and in the inventory posting setup. The way I understand it is costs are posted after output journals have been posted, but is this automatic or is there a batch of some sort that needs to be executed? At the moment no postings are taking place. I’m using V4. Thanks in anticipation

Hi Gary 1. WIP or WIP Variance? 2. WIP Variance requires a standard costed item 3. How are you flushing your components? 4. Are you reporting Consumption/Output? 5. Or are you using the Production Journal? 6. If it s variance are you creating it to you routing/Produciton BOM? 7. Are you running Adjust Cost Item Entries? 8. Is the status of the order “Finished”?

Hi Steven I was hoping this would be a simple thing to setup to demonstrate in principle but you’re asking some pretty specific questions there which I can’t answer. Guess I’ll just have to setup the part of the demo I do understand and wait until one of my colleagues has time free to do this aspect of the demo. Sorry for wasting your time, but thanks for saving some of mine.

Hi Gary They are not too complicated, but of course you need to know the inventory and manufacturing modules [:D] One final bit I forgot - if you are using Cronus as a base, make sure automatic cost posting is turned on in the inventory set-up file.

Still think I’ll wait till someone can explain it all to met!!! Thanks anyway for the replies

Hi Gary Did not mean to scare or confuse you. [:D] Your opening fundamentals are correct. navision posts WIP. As it was not I was just trying an overall coverage of possibly why you were not seeing it. Essentially if you have an item (Costed as standard for WIP variance reporting) and put it on a production order, report consumption and output, you will see WIP. Check the automatic cost posting flag, if it is unticked, tick it and run through the process you tried before, you may see WIP this time. If you wnt me to explain any of my questions just ask away, its no problem!