MAJOR differences between ATTAIN and AXAPTA?

I’m having a difficult time finding, on the Navision site, the approriate times to reccomend each of these SW’s. Can someone direct me, or give me their interpretation?

Here is an overview of ALL the Microsoft Business Solutions systems: Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster

Been reading NOLUG for years - thought it was about time I contributed something:- The bottom line from the MS/Navision site information is that Axapta is a higher end product than Attain. This maybe true in some cases but it does not automatically mean that just because the prospect has 200 users that the solution offered must be Axapta. There are reference sites out there with 300 Attain users and 5 Axapta users. You have really got to look at the detailed requirements on a case basis and doing a certain amount of pre-sale analysis before making the choice. There are hundreds of functionality differences, but here’s a few that may just make a difference: 1. Attain offers a native/proprietory database and SQL option. Axapta offers SQL and Oracle. If the customer doesn’t have SQL/Oracle skills or required server spec then the choice is made. 2. Most developers I speak to with experience of both products express that Axapta is a better developing environment - technically ahead of Attain. If the customer has good technical skills and wants to do a lot of there own development work then Axapta fits. The layers principal to the application is excellent. 3. Cost? Not sure. We’ve done a couple of comparisons of license price between the two and for a typical equal functionality with say 20 users, the Attain license cost was more! Anyway, the implementation time is typically longer for Axapta which will increase overall cost. 4. The Axapta AOS server is a big selling point. I don’t think that the Attain NAS has quite the same capabilities. When you move to more complex multi-site installations, particularly international, I think this gives Axapta an edge. 5. Very general this, but there is probably not a lot to pick between them financially (although invoice registration in Axapta is nice), Axapta manufacturing is very strong for more complex environments, Axapta project module is head and shoulders above anything in Attain. Field level security (if this should be a requirement) is also only in Axapta. And until we get the ‘black box’ warehousing sorted out in Attain 3.6, Axapta is also stronger in this area…there’s lot more. If they could just sort out the Axapta GUI, I might be converted. Adam Seaton


Originally posted by Adam Seaton: If they could just sort out the Axapta GUI, I might be converted. Adam Seaton

Just curious - what needs to be sorted out? Regards Phil Dawson

Perhaps being very picky, but after using Attain for years, here’s a couple of things that were very annoying with the ‘out of the box’ Axapta: 1. The main menu options react to mouse hover and I often found myself changing menu’s when I didn’t want to. Fortunately you can turn it off. 2. Forms can be resized to see more, but are returned to standard size on refresh. 3. Likewise column layout. Drag around all you like but as soon as you refresh, everything is back where it started. 4. When entering an overview form of records - you are always at the first record rather then where you left it last time. This is a particular pain on things like sales orders - every time you enter the form, you have to do a find or filter. 5. When you select command buttons on forms, the menu lists cover up other command buttons. 6. The size of scroll bars on overview screens are not representative of the number of records. I do however like the explorer sub-menu’s and the ease of creating individual user menu’s is excellent. Generally though it is all just a bit fussy and clucky compared to the clean Attain GUI. regards, Adam Seaton

Could we have some points or Feature which position Attain as a Better solution for new customers. Best Rgds Patro