~Navision Attain~ OR ~Axapta~ [?]

My customer want to choose one of them. Can anyone give me some information? What is diferent in each other of them? Probably you can give me some source where is told about it. Actually I vote for Navision Attain but i could know, maybe Axapta is better…

I would say you can not compare them just because it almost the same. Do not forget that it was two main competitors on the Mid market year or so ago. Even Microsoft can not clearly define what the difference is. Some people tell that Axapta is more advanced product but only difference I see is implementation time. I heard that average implementation time for Axapta is 1 year for Navision is less than half. Other you should define based on the client needs. Does your client need “ADVANCED” futures that nobody can clearly explain and pay for them 1 year of implementation?

Axapta seems to be better for steady environments with a lots of parameters and Navision better for companies with flexible needs. Besides that, Axapta can handle way more users and is more suitable for companies working with multiple companies in one database because of standard intercompany functionality. Also I heard Axapta can handle multiple local versions inside one database. Navision on the other hand is far more flexible and much easier to customize. MBS Netherlands looks more for the solution a solution center has developed than for the product, except for the really large ones who end up with Axapta.

Honestly Maris, you should be asking yourself, if you don’t know Axapta well enough to differentiate it from Navision, you would be doing your client a serious injustice to sell it to them.