Navision Attain to Navision Axapta

Hi There,

I am working for a customer who is using Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.03 and my interaction with Navision has been since past 7 yrs. I provide all kind of help to my customer except any development. Small modifications I can handle but not major ones. I thought its time for me to move on and another company has made a better offer to me but they are using Microsoft Dynamics AX. Axapta, I have never seen the product and not sure when compare with Navision Attain, how difficult will it be for me to handle in terms of its functions, reports, users troubleshooting, maintaining application, etc.

Can anyone share some info with me like what will be life working with Axapta. Strong points of Axapta when compare to Attain. Any specific training do I need to have before I end up with this customer. I am reading some materials downloaded from web, but its all text info. I need something like product CD or demo CD to install it on my pc to playaround.

Can anyone share your experiences with me and help me out with the above.

Best Regards