Attain and Axapta....a "political" question

I am evaluating both products Attain and Axapta for an implementation. Can anybody out there knowing both products give me some info concerning productivity, i.e. if a certain module has to be created from scratch and it would take e.g. 100 hours in Attain, how long would it take to do the same work in Axapta? Needless to say that the skillset of both teams is identical, and the module really has to be created from scratch… I know it’s also a “political” question. Regards, Densi

I know this isn’t very useful, but the hearsay information I have received, from several sources, indicates that it takes 150% to 200% longer to do development work in the Axapta environment than in the Attain envirionment. I can’t back that up with personal experience. Hopefully others will have applicable experience. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

We have experience in both products - Navision/Financials/Attain and XAL/C5 for several years, Axapta for about one year. Yes indeed, it is more complex to develop in Axapta. Wether the factor is 2, 5, 10 or whatever - that depends on you as a developer. If you are curiuos and/or meticulous, you will use a lot of time changing and redesigning. And it also depends on your susceptibility in working in a new environment. Axapta is far more open, i.e. you have more posibilities in changing standard procedures. But as Axapta is object-orientated, and if you are used to Financials/Attain, you sometimes have to reset your way of thinking and tread very carefully. Axapta has a lot of built-in functions and standardprocedures. And I mean a lot! But it is some kind of a challenge to find out which facilities exists, where they are and how they are used. In many cases you will have to depend on biblical principles: “Search, and you shall (perhaps) find”. But when or if found, you will find them very usable. Previous knowledge to XAL/C5 will help a great deal in understanding the way standard Axapta is working and which standard function probably extists. Good luck!