Looking for a starting point

I have walked into a NAV 5.0 environment and have no idea what is set up and what isn’t is there a quick and easy way to assess where this comapny is at from a data entry standpoint. It looks like they have only done enough to get the basic financial functions working. There is no costing, or BOM’s. I started by browsing the help in NAV and seeing what was entered. This is a manufacturing environment.

any thoughts or idea would be appreciated.

Thanks, Greg

yes, that is how the Partner channel works in the Navision world. Contact your partner and they will guide you through all this. They will have been trained in all areas of Manufacturing, and will have professional consultants that will get you up and running.

I guess I was wondering if there is a standard checklist that they go through that I could reference, and just go right down, i.e to create a BOM, you need x, y, z. Then I could cross them off as they either are there or I have manually put them there.

I guess that what you want are all the training guides and RIM. This is a pretty bog and expensive path you want to go down. The cost to learn all this and the time would only be justified if you plan doing it multiple times. Which is why the partner Chanel works. They make the investment in learning all this, and then sell their services to recover that investment and then make a profit.

Unless you actually plan to go on and sell Navision, I really don’t see it as a viable way to go about it, becoming a partner is quite an involved process.

There’s no check list. The NAV documentation is literally thousands of pages and just reading it isn’t enough to learn the system.

Assuming the business went through a proper implementation there will also be business process and decision documentation. Reading this will help you understand how the project has got to this stage. However the other posters are correct and my advice would be to get your partner in to discuss things.

Thanks, I will reveiw these and I shoudl know what I have gotten myself into. [:)]

Thanks, I will reveiw these and I shoudl know what I have gotten myself into. [:)]