Real Beginner - First Post

Just hoping for a few pointers as to where to start getting involved with Navision

Our company is in the process of installing Navision and I will be required to

a) Assist with training

b) Develop Various Reports

c) Extract data for various analysis functions

d) Integrate an existing Hand Held Mobile Ordering System into Navision

(Thats just for starters)

I understand SQL Server Databases, VB6, VB.Net and Accounting Systems in General, being an Accounting Systems Developer and Integrator for some 20 years

Appreciate any pointers which may help me find my way through the massive maze that Navision seems to be at first sight


I was hoping for instructions like -

  1. Get yourself a Play version of Navision - download from …

  2. Get yourself the Developers kit - download from …

  3. Read about …

  4. Look here … to understand how to integrate apps with Navision

  5. Look here … to learn how to transfer an EDI file into Navision

  6. Look here … to learn how to transfer a Sales Order File into Navision

Appreciate all help, thank you

Hi George,

Just a minor question. If you are going to do this implementation, then you do have a partner on your site to assist you?

Otherwise you’re in for a big failure. Doing a Navision implementation like you describes it takes years of training.

Yes you can download a demo version and play with it. But from that to getting it up and running for your company is very very far. Because as you say yourself “the massive maze that Navision seems to be at first sight” that’s exactly what it is when it comes to doing all by yourself.

Get in contact with a Dynamics NAV partner who can help you with this project. Then you might find out that you can do some of the tasks, but supervised by the partner consultant. Let me also just mention the fact that the full development license will cost you in the area of 40000-60000 USD. And that’s excluding the regular user license.

Thanks for the quick response - Yes we do have an implementation partner for the system

For example, the implementation partner has suggested we contact a site in USA to get tutorials on DVD for the operation of the system.

I am just getting involved in the install, so just want to try to get my head around how the Dynamics implementations get done, and how special programming can be done if required - for getting data out of, or into Navision. (Surely a user who understands SQL Server programming can extract data OUT OF the SQL Server Database ?) Understanding the data extracted may be a totally different problem, I am sure.

I have heard of systems that even lock you out of even doing data extracts ie, READ ONLY NO WRITING - is Navision one of these ?

My question is more - how can I learn as much as possible in the shortest time ? The implementation partner exists but is not on site, unfortunately.

What I want to do is not mess up any apple cart and do some playing with some demo data where it is impossible to do any damage, but one can learn heaps about the way the system Tables work and how easy it will be to do what we hope to be doing a few months down the track.

eg, I’ve been downloading some of your own Power Point presentations (thanks) to start to even understand the LINGO used in the system eg, C/SIDE

I am a good student - do not expect to become an expert overnight - but in a week is good enough (JOKE)

Just need to be nudged the right direction

ie, Show me the stepping stones to tread on which are 1" below the lakes surface (then I wont drown)

You may say - “Attend a 14 month induction course in Navision”

If thats the only way then thats what I need to know

Most people who talk about it just say - “OOOOO its hard - its difficult - it cant be done easily”

OK - so how did you learn it all ? What were the initial steps ?

Lets say for starters, I want to achieve something really, really simple

  1. Extract a Customer list from the SQL database

  2. Extract a Product list from the SQL database

The extract could be to any of the following - i really dont care as they are all simple for me to work with

a) Text Format CSV Tab Delimitted

b) XML Format

c) Directly to an Access Database

d) Directly to another SQL Server Database

e) In Excel Format

f) Any format you like which takes no thinking when extracting from Navision

Basically we dont need people charging $2500 a day to extract this type of basic data

I would need a sample database (probably easier to use a copy of our own database SEPARATE FROM THE LIVE SYSTEM)

Is there any samples around to do basic functions - does it normally have to be done through Navision - OR - can the extract be done using good old SQL Commands or DTS (SSIS)

Just need a little push please - I hate bothering people with basic questions if the information is available in some form of documentation

Thanks for your personal interest Erik, I am most appreciative

Hi George,

I understand that you are trying to learn navision on your local database and not using the production (live) database. I can recommend few resources which will be helpful in learning:

  1. You can ask your implementation partner to provide the documents and setup access to CustomerSource, customer source is a microsoft website from where you can get the technical and functional documents.

  2. Following sites will also be very useful:

and of course this site ( is your best friend for learning navision.

I suggest get the basics right from documents, don’t hesitate to ask questions/ your doubts here.

Happy learning…Good Luck

Welcome to forum!

Demo database to play with comes on installation CD/DVD - company CRONUS

Dev Toolkit is available for Partner companies only, not end users, but you don’t need it for Report creation and other minor changes. You need only some granules in your Client license included - Reports & Dataports, (Forms, Tables, XMLports).

First - documentation in Docs directory of installation CD/DVD. Then, as Client on active Maintenance plan you are granted access to CustomerSource - MS Extranet site, ask your Partner how to get in there.

4 to 6 - this should be not yours as Client problem, but your implementing Partner’s job - starting to work with Navision doesn’t mean simple installing, it can be done in 15 minutes.
Full implementation process may take months, and during this Navision is set up to match YOUR company requirements and YOUR business processes, if neccessary, modifications are made or even some functionality developed from the scratch. Then it all should be tested, and if everything is OK, you GO LIVE at last [:D]

updated: Ooops - while I was slowly typing, Erik & Dhan already managed first [:D]

This is also an interesting topic for me.

I have joined a new company that has NAV 2009 already installed and I have been asked to “learn it, write some reports, become a guru”. In the past, this hasn’t been a problem. My problem is is that the installation has been done at our main office, 250klms away and that’s where the partner’s reps reside. Being a bit of a self starter, and (like Jock) having about 20 years experience as a systems developer/analyst/management accountant feel that the partners are far too busy with the implementation to answer dumb questions like “Can I redesign screens, How do I access the tables via ODBC” etc. Part of the problem is that the “training company” has been set up as a normal “end user” company, so most of the development tools are restricted to me. (But that’s my problem…the answer is to set the training company up properly!)

Finding this site is a good start. From what I’ve seen of NAV, I like it, but I’d like to like it a whole lot more!!

Rick, welcome to forum!

I won’t repeat what I already have written in this thread - you have alrady read it… Try Searching the forum for themes you mentioned, and you will find much info just for people like you, who begins to work with Navision.

Its common practice to train users in a “copy” of their own database - but its mostly for endusers to get acquainted to what will be their everyday workflow. Demo company CRONUS is useful, if you go through Manuals & Training courses, because exactly this DB is referred in these materials and all “exercises” are based on these data.

This depends only from your license - no matter what DB you use. If you don’t have Report & Dataport designer, Forms Designer etc included, you wouldn’t be able to use them in DEMO DB, too.

1 - Build searate database for QA environment. Restore copy of Live/production company and CRONUS into that database.

2 - Yes you can extract data via SQL. Note the specific Naming conventions. Some data fiels in Navision are “Flow fields” these are calculated on-demand by the application asn re not available in SQL e.g. Customer balance, Item Inventory Qty.

3 As the data resides in SQL you can extract how when and where you like. We extract data every night from 8 databases for a corporate data warehouse and for a corporate credit maangement system.

4 Don’t import data into Navision table through SQL until you have a thorough understanding of the data type and the business rule applied by Navision for validation and integrity.

5 Buy the Report designer granule (includes 100 Reports and 100 Dataports). Look at teh standard reports to see how they work. You can use Dataports to import / export data - not as fast as SQL but forces data validation.

6 When you have specific questions search the forum or post a question.

Good luck.

I was hoping for some ACTUAL Internet links to be able to download Installation DVDs/ etc

Even a website may be of use (If it doesnt have 57 different versions to choose from)


Well, I gave these to you TWICE ALREADY - Look in Download section OF THIS WEBSITE !!!

Where is the problem? You can’t see on the top of this page the menu Home / Forums / Documentation /…
There is Downloads, too…

Welcome to the forum…

Have you tried asking your NAV partner for these things?
I’ve worked with Navision for abt. 10 years now, and have NEVER denied my clients a copy of the installation CD/DVD if they wanted it…
And i’ve never heard of anyone doing that.

Also you might have noticed the word CustomerSource a few times in the responses you have gotten.
This is THE place for customers to find documentation and training material…
But as Modris mentioned, access to this MS extranet is resticted, but that should be known to your NAV partner.

Finally you should try using the search of this forum…
You will for sure find a huge load of threads on extracting data from the DB, which is rather basic as you say.
Using/interpreting those extracted data properly, can call for a little more knowledge abt. datastructure.
Entering data into the DB, without using the NAV client is a whole other story…

Hi Modris

I think the forum is cutting out the links - your reply was the following text (including the dots - ie, no links)

Your Reply Said
1) Get yourself a Play version of Navision - download from …

Which I think you can understand is not too helpful to me

I know you download it from … My question is where is …

(Apologies for trying to be funny)

You did mention one clue in your last reply - you said - “its on this forum under downloads”

I’ll try looking through this web site for downloads and documentation as you suggest

Many Thanks

You can get it from MSDN (well you could), or from CustomerSource - your partner should have given you all the CustomerSource details, if not get them.

I do not have customersource, but MSDN is On this site it is MSDN I have linked 2009, but 5 and 4 are available, the one I found here was 5.

Jock Maria;

Oooops - a huge misunderstanding, as you are new to forum. The framed blue text in my answer IS QUOTATION from your original post!

Look at it carefully - I quoted a piece of your post, under it wrote an answer, then again qoute and below an answer and so on…

Your post actually contained more than one question, so, not to mix everything up (what refers to what part of your question), such approach we use here, look at other threads…

And about Downloads section here in DUG I wrote you not only in this thread, but in the other one you initiated with different questions.

Hope things are clear now - couldn’t understand why you repeatedly ask for links, you simply looked for them not in the right place [:D]

Sorry Modris

I cant see anywhere where you have posted any links I can follow (please dont tell me to go to the Downloads section which has 5557 downloads to choose from)

Could you please post a link for me to follow so I can download an Australian Version of Navision Database in SQL Server format (.mdf)

If I do have a choice, Version 5 would be nice

(I have already found the Australian .fdb database but am not too sure how to open it )


OK, I have spent the past 2 hours hunting through the downloads - there were only 285

None are .mdf databases for Version 5.0 Navision (but found lots of nice downloads which will come in handy later - thank you)

Can someone recommend another help site where I might be able to download an MDF file for Navison 5 ?


There IS a Search function… This site is maintained by volunteers, neither it’s our obligation nor we have time to “put it in your mouth with a teaspoon” - your’e not 3 years old… Sorry… We are trying to help you out in situation, where actually your implementing Partner company should be in charge, as you PAY them for services which they for some reason are NOT providing.


In your other post Erik in his answer wrote:

THIS is a link, if you can’t see there entry named Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 AU database - well, then I don’t know how we can help you…

Hi Jock/George,

There have been “how to get started with NAV” posts before in the beginner forums, although I can’t find one real quick. If you just browse the headlines in this particular forum you should run into a few of those. I know because I’ve replied to a bunch of them. Some of them are not very useful (like this one), but I know there are quite a few that have elaborate information on how to start, which manuals to study, what exam to take, etcetera.

This is not meant as ‘RTFM’, just as a pointer to where you can find the information you’re looking for. Good luck.