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Hello from Perth My name is Elle and I’ve just started using Navision (due to rapid expansion of this company). We’ve just migrated from accounting software such as MYOB and Quickbooks, to this ERP. (Dynamics NAV 5) does anyone have some sort of “manual” with tips or examples on how to post a journal or how to pay an invoice, or ow to reverse an incorrect entry?..the basic stuff? It will be nice to see how others are going to give us confidence, at the moment we are all feeling a bit confused…it is only our 3 week using Navision. Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Hi Elle

That close to live you really should be asking your partner these sort of questions. Assuming your three weeks is live and you are not in the middle of the implementation!

The manuals etc, I believe, are available through customersource, not sure if this is available in Australia, but I will presume it is.

This is one of the nightmares about Navision. The system works well but there is an almost total lack of documentation. You depend totally on doing courses and your partner for information. It isn’t much better for the partners. Your partner should be able to pass on the training materials so you can read them yourself, though I would highly recommend doing the user training courses.

Hi Elle,

first a big welcome, its always great to see new members from my home town (I assume you mean WA, not Scotland) [H]

Yes documentation is a bit of a problem with getting started in NAV. The best place to start is here, just enter some queries in the search. If you find a thread similar to what you are looking for, it by asking additional information, and I am sure someone here will help you.

Search The Dynamics User Group

Also there is the Dynamics Book Wiki, where you can find lots of information about NAV, at

Dynamics Wiki

and if all else fails, just post a question here in the beginers forum.

Dynamics NAV Beginers Forum

Way back when, our Implimentors provided a week of training before going live.
They also has someone at our location for first 3 days of being live to answer any queastions that came up.

Even after that, they should be available to you via a phone. I would suggest More training if the whole company is confused.

here’s a book for Nav beginners

When I was working in APAC customersource was available.


Thank you everyone, your support & advise is really really very much appreciated. [;)]

To all concerned, I am familiar with the NAV implementation to which Elle refers, I am not sure what exactly her concerns are, as the Navision Implementation partner was very supportive and the majority of the end users are working productively and are very happy with the system. End user training on this project took over 3 weeks to complete, with key users such as thosein the finance area had several days of training. All users were provided with training materials specific to their job, covering all necessary transaction steps and all company and implementation specific detail provided. Customer source is available on site as are printed and linked copies of all relevant native Navision v 5.0 training materials. In addition all users were provided with a training environment for more than a month to practice, 2 mock conversions and UATs involving all end users were performed.

The imnplementation partner’s consultants were on site for a week after go live, mainly working on other clients work as so few issues were raised that required their attention!

As I said I am not sure what Elle is looking for, I guess some users just can’t be pleased!

Apparently, Elle has some issues that she feels she does not have the proper support for. Instead of patronising her in a public forum, I suggest you talk to her and ask what is the problem. You might even find out that there is a large group of people that are very unhappy about the system. Maybe you are hearing only good stories from the top level people in the implementation team, but you are unaware of what goes on on the workfloor. In my opinion, dismissing this type of complaint is certainly not the right way to address them.

I want to back up what Daniel is saying here, this is not the place to air out any disagreements, and it is certainly not what this user group is all about, we are here to help our peers based on the questions they ask and not the situation they are in. No one here is taking sides in an argument that is not ours. Merely responding to a question in the best possible way we can.

I am sure there is not one person worth their salt in the Nav community that has not gone through a difficult implementation where vendor and customer have different visions of how it went.

Grant and Elle maybe you guys need to get together and sort your situation out in a private format, not the public domain. It appears your feelings on the project in question are different, and you need to get a unified view.

If you have any product related questions then please both feel free to use this forum to ask them, but this is not the place to be airing disagreements.


Hello everyone, I wish to thank you again for your replies. Since my last posting 22 Jul 08, things have improved, we had further meetings with support, several questions answered and as an end user i feel more confident.

Please let me clarify that when joining this community, at no time I set out to upset anyone. On the contrary i only wanted some tips from expert users in order to improve my quality of work. I am only a bookkeeper and never used an ERP before, but i am a member of some fantastic technical forums (experts-exchange, for example) where software “tips and tricks” from veterans are discussed and the only purpose of participating is improve software usability. My humblest apologies. From Elle.


no need to apologize the above commets were not pointing at you

Elle you have nothing to apologize for, I think the only misunderstanding was between you and the people who provide your support, and it is good to hear that the situation has improved for all concerned.

Please feel free to ask any question you might have. We are all here to help out.